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What does Marchup do for students?

Pursue your dreams, be a leader

Create Marchup spaces for your clubs, non-profits and other personal/team initiatives. Run your space by posting jobs, assign roles to members, create blogs and webpages, schedule events and more

Professional Online Profile

Showcase your achievements, interests, projects, voluntary and paid job roles. Your participation in Marchup spaces is automatically captured in your profile, so colleges/employers recognize your efforts

Connect with like minded students

Search, follow, connect with and message students in your area with similar interests and goals

Job board

Post jobs and ask for help on your projects, search for job listings and connect with project owners

Marchup AI

Download editable resume based on your profile. (Coming soon) AI counsellor

3rd party integration

(Coming soon) Instagram and Gofundme integration making cross-posting and fund-raising easy


Real screen grabs of the Marchup website to explain what we are all about


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Your Marchup profile


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Marchup Spaces

List and create spaces


Sample Marchup space

Jobs listing

Sample San Jose jobs


Internship search sample


One click search

Our Amazing Team

With 25+ years of leadership experience

Harsh Parandekar

Founder and CEO

Anushka Parandekar

Product and Marketing Lead

Backed by a team that spans US, Nepal, Peru and India


Helping students realize their full potential

  • 2019-2023

    A Problem is identified

    As Anushka went through high school and prepared for college she noticed challenges unique to high school and undergrad students. Teens need so much more than Instagram and Tiktok!

  • Jul 2023

    A Start-up is born

    We started with a vision to create a social platform for students and by students to pursue their passion, help with their initiatives, showcase their achievements and build a serious online presence

  • Jan 2024

    First launch planned

    We plan to launch the Marchup social platform for high school students in South and East Bay Area schools soon!

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